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Nordplus Junior

To start from the beginning is not that easy at all. Almost half a century ago three schools of the capitals of three Soviet Baltic Republics, all of them bearing the title of Secondary School No. 1, decided to start common activities with the aim of sharing experiences and offering the students a good possibility to create new relationships. As sports seemed the most neutral and the most non-political way of communication, the first competition in ball-games between three schools was held in 1959. It was the beginning of a new tradition, which has outlived many others and become extremely popular.

More than twenty years ago the idea of competing in science subjects was brought to life and since the year 1988, the students of 10th, 11th and 12th forms of the same three schools, have met every year and solved Math, Physics and Chemistry tasks. This annual event has also become very popular and is highly ranked among both students and teachers.

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