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Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu, Helsinki, Finland


Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu is a co-educational private school located in Helsinki, Finland. The school consists of a secondary school and an upper secondary school. All in all, there are over 900 pupils and students and approximately 100 members of staff. Apart from circa 70 teachers, the school has a full-time librarian, a school nurse, a school doctor, a social worker, and school secretaries, to name but a few.

Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu is a school with a wide selection of subjects and courses to study. There is an emphasis on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in both secondary and upper secondary schools. Furthermore, it is possible to study English, Swedish, German, and French as an A-level (advanced) language, and Spanish, Italian, Russian and Latin as other foreign languages. The course selection in History and Civics is also comprehensive, not to mention in Physical Education and Arts that are amongst the most popular subjects.

Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu emphasises co-operation with parents and values the traditions created during the 70-year-history of our school. The pupils and students, as well as their parents, have a positive outlook on education and there is an active and constructive atmosphere when it comes to school work in general.

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