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Rudbeckianska Upper Secondary School

Headmaster: Morgan Bjurling

Sweden's first upper secondary school is situated in a wonderful cultural environment in the centre of Västerås. The school was founded by bishop Johannes Rudbeckius in 1623. Today the school offers academic facilities that are modern, but built in sympathy with the historical and traditional surroundings combined with numerous sporting and cultural activities.

Tradition and social activities go hand in hand creating an environment for top rate academic results.

Our vision

Rudbeckianska upper secondary school, combining tradition and pioneering methods which provide students tools for life-knowledge, self-esteem and empathy. Our aim is personal development. As a student you will naturally learn many new subjects. In addition you will be given the opportunity for personal development. Our goal is that you will leave with a strong self-esteem and a capacity for social collaboration and understanding, and a desire for further learning.

Rudbeckianska upper secondary school offers the following courses:

1) The Arts Programme with a focus on art and form.
2) The Child Recreation Programme. We offer two national profiles, healthcare and pedagogical and our own social science local profile.
3) The Introductional Programme for immigrants. A program that prepares students for upper secondary school focusing mainly on the subjects Swedish for immigrants and Swedish as a secondary language.
4) The Natural Science Programme which has been available for many generations. At the moment we offer two profiles, natural science and environmental science.
5) NVSP is our own profile where students combine natural science and social science.
6) The Social Science Programmme is also one of our long time programs. Today we offer two profiles, language and social science. In the long run we also will have culture profile.

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